My paintings are inspired by religious iconography, world mythologies, and belief systems.
"Atlantis (We Named the Space Between Your Hair and Neck)"
"The Snakes of Hera's Wrath"
"The Fall of Icarus"
"The Fall of Icarus II/ The Clairvoyance of Ariadne"
"St. John and the Zodiac"
"The Visions of St. John"
"I Knew I Had You on Borrowed Time"
"Prometheus (the Light will make you Suffer)"
"Ethics of the Fathers, Tales of The Trialhood"
"Saturn Milkboy, Descent into Memory"
"A Goodbye to the Badboys- for Elisabeth Andreeff"
Works in progress- a shot from the studio
"I'm Not Through Answering the Call of Sisyphus"
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