The Pythia shakes her stalk of oleander and offers her bowl to The Python who lives in the crevices of the rocks at the Oracle of Delphi. She whispers a serpent code in her ear. 
The Pythia dreams that the Sun and the Moon will switch places.
Each day the Sun God SHAMASH tempts ICARUS to fly towards the sun. Shamash wants to send the sun to the underworld so he can finally live in darkness. He is exhausted from his daily arc across the sky. He can’t stand to see the world in such a clear and burning light. 
He has chosen Icarus  to fall in love with him because Icarus' father is the famous inventor Daedalus. He knows that with the help of Daedalus, Icarus can build a device to join Shamash if he is driven mad enough by passion. Shamash has no regard for humans because of the things he has seen them be capable of during his daily arc across the sky. 
The sun’s rays begin to tantalize the body of Icarus.​​​​​​​
Eventually, Icarus is completely enamored with the Sun. Icarus feels he has no option but to fly to join it. Icarus constructs his wings. 
Icarus begins his ascent towards the sun. As Icarus nears Shamash, he opens his mouth wider and wider to let Shamash, the Sun God inside him. As Shamash watches Icarus fly toward him, he is overcome with love for Icarus. In watching Icarus grow madly in love with him, he finds an emptiness in himself and realizes that he has never been loved before. ​​​​​​​
In their moment of union, Shamah gives himself to Icarus fully.
The wings of Icarus are melted. 
Shamash is lodged inside the body of Icarus.
Icarus sinks into the ocean. 
ICARUS is still unconscious from being the jellyfish's sting as he was pulled down the ocean on his way to the underworld. The sun god SHAMASH is still inside of him.
As Persephone and Ishtar negotiate his Fate, Ishtar's lover the Minotaur slips away to seek revenge on Icarus.
When The Minotaur looks upon Icarus, he remembers trying to hug Icarus when he was a baby. The Minotaur accidentally scratched Icarus because he did not understand the nature of their body. He grew up with Ariadne and Icarus so they learned about his body through mimicking the humans around them. 
Icarus started wailing. All of the lights go on in the castle on the Island of Crete, as everyone rushes to Icarus' crib to see why he is crying. 
The next moment, The Minotaur remember piles of bricks closing in on them as they are trapped in the labyrinth.
Out of vengeance, The Minotaur tickles Icarus with the feather from his wings to make him laugh so the sun will escape from his body. 
Icarus starts to erupt in laughter. 
Shamash starts to come out of Icarus’ mouth. His form is revealed. He is a dark figure with flames coming from his body. Only part of his body has protruded from Icarus’ mouth. 
The dead come back to life. 
Choreography - EMMETT WILSON
Cinematography - URSULA ANDREEFF