ACTIVATE CHICAGO 2017 - Network: Pulsing with Power took place on Thursday August 24th, 2017 from 5-10pm in Couch Place Alley at 170 N State St. in downtown Chicago, IL.
Network: Pulsing with Power explores the alley as the pathway for electrical and communication lines – the place where the abstract grid becomes visible and personal, connecting individual buildings with vast global networks.
I created an array of installations and activities that featured artists, musicians, and educators who utilize light as an integral part of their work.
The audience was invited to:
• Enter Couch Place Alley through a structure designed and installed by architecture firm PORT Urbanism. The structure displayed a photo montage comprised of contemporary and historic images to support each theme, inspiring passersby to give an alley a second glance and wonder about its history. 
• Take a virtual reality bike tour through an electrical flower garden in "FlowerSpace", where the flowers pulsate in time to your pedaling. Created by ERIC WOLINSKY and painted by URSULA ANDREEFF.
• Explore the hidden world of cells by going on a "Microsafari", an interactive microscopy demo that pulses to live music by citizen-science lab the ANALYTICS LOUNGE. 
• Walk into a tent to be transported into Lino Fernandez’s universe of kinetic paintings, whose surfaces change before your eyes with each flickering of a colored bulb in "La Calle". 
•See the debut of a mural commissioned for the event by artist SAM KIRK, whose work celebrates people and inspires pride and recognition for underrepresented communities. 
• Design and 3D print glow-in-the-dark creatures with 3D sculpting classes from the Maker Lab at the Chicago Public Library 
• Be the star of a live fashion photoshoot by getting your body painted by MEGAN ESKOFF and MARIANA ROCKWELL in a kiddie pool, wearing new clothing designed by URSULA ANDREEFF, and being photographed by IAN VECCHIOTTI.
Experience musical performances from • DJ CID IKARUS • Master of Ceremonies CIERA McKISSICK • Electronic-pop performance artist DORIAN ELECTRA • Hip-Hop artist LA VAN GOGH with DJ MANTY • Latin folk fusion ensemble SON MONARCAS and POP-UP PERFORMANCES by • dancer ORB BOX • mobile bike DJ musician CONCH SHELL • accordion player ANDREA FALCONE
In addition to the Activate event that took place for one night only, I had the opportunity to commission Chicago muralista Sam Kirk to create a permanent, public work of art in historic Couch Place Alley that related to the theme of the power grid. 
Her result- "Bringing the Power to the People _ Women in Trades ". 
Special Thanks
Activate Chicago is a placemaking initiative of the Chicago Loop Alliance. Activate transforms alleys into creative exhibition spaces that bring artists and the public together for an evening of exploration, interaction, and celebration of the arts. Learn more about ACTIVATE at Brought to you by the Chicago Loop Alliance, the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation, and the SSA#1-2015. 
Videography by Greg Stephen Reigh. Contact him at for inquiries about your next film shoot.
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